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An amazing site

An amazing site

Mendigorría is ideally located as a base to explore the different areas of Navarra and many of its main tourist attractions. We've selected nine places well worth visiting during your stay at our campsite, although you'll find many more by clicking on the following links (Must-see places in Navarra)

1.  Santa María de Eunate, one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in Navarra. This church, located on the Way of St James, is special, original and mysterious. (15 minutes' drive from the campsite)

2.  Source of the river Urederra, located in the Urbasa-Andía Nature Park, this is one of the most spectacular natural sites in Navarra. (50 minutes' drive from the campsite)

3.  Puente La Reina, a medieval town which holds a number of architectural gems. One of the most important places on the Way of St James. (15 minutes' drive from the campsite)

4.  Cave of Mendikulo, located in the Sierra of Aralar, an underground cave well worth visiting, an open window to the heart of Aralar. (50 minutes' drive from the campsite)

5.  Pamplona, the capital city of Navarra and a must-visit for all those visiting our region. A vibrant, welcoming city, steeped in history. (30 minutes' drive from the campsite)

6.  Nature Park of the Bardenas Reales, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This stunning place leaves visitors captivated by its spectacular landscapes and natural diversity. (1 hours' drive from the campsite)

7.   Archaeological Site of the Roman Villa of Andelos, one of the most important Roman archaeological sites in the north of Spain. (10 minutes' drive from the campsite)

8.  Olite, unique with its castle-palace which was the seat of the Royal Court during the Middle Ages. Declared a National Monument in 1925, it is the most outstanding example of civil Gothic work in Navarra. (30 minutes' drive from the campsite)

9.  Urbasa Andia Nature Park, with some amazing natural landscapes and the impressive cirque of rocks around the Urederra river source. (50 minutes' drive from the campsite)


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