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Fun and adventure

Travelling with kids is a real experience! Parents can enjoy being with them, outside their daily routine.  What's more, travelling is learning and, in each trip, some of the moments or recollections will be part of their memories forever. The best thing that we can give our kids is time spent with us and, if this time is accompanied by new nature-related activities, adventures at the campsite and a host of other activities, then we can be sure that this will all be a tremendous benefit to their education.


With this aim in mind, the Camping el Molino has put together a series of plans that are perfect for doing with your children during your stay at our campsite.

-  Visit to the Taconera Gardens in Pamplona: the oldest and most iconic gardens in Pamplona. The moat is home to a small zoo in which you can see peacocks, deer, ducks, swans, etc. in semi-freedom. Children have a great time looking at all these species living amongst the trees, flowers and sculptures. There are a number of routes to follow around the park and it's perfect for any time of year.

-   Route of the castles and fortresses in Navarra: The perfect choice for kids who love dreaming about fairy tales, princes and sorcerers. 

-  Salting Iruña: a place with more than 37 horizontal and 19 vertical trampolines. This is the largest sports and leisure centre in the Pamplona area.

-  Huarte Ice Rink: so that all the family can enjoy ice skating.

-  Pamplona Planetarium, a cultural centre to enjoy astronomy, discover the life of the stars and the mysteries of the universe.

-  Witchcraft Route in the Land of Estella, visiting Bargota and Viana and adding something of the witches tales recounted by our grandfathers.

-   Basa Bere Farm School, where youngsters can learn to tend a vegetable garden and to find out more about the source of their daily food. They can also discover interesting facts about the animal species living there and spend an enjoyable day learning about nature.

-  Arga River Park, a route covering almost 12 kms alongside the River Arga, allowing you to enjoy its natural setting. This route can be done on foot or by bike and it's recommended as part of the Route of the Landscapes of Navarra, Water and Viewpoints.

-  Sendaviva, A kid's paradise, with endless attractions, trails, shows, adventure parks, workshops, boats, animals and many, many more activities.


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